Soil research - Foundation techniques - Decaying - Drainage studies

At BA Engineering, we mainly specialise in Geotechnics. Do you require advice about the type of foundation for your building? Or do you have a question about reinforcements or drainage?
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BA Engineering offers the following services, based on the soil investigation it conducts:
- Drainage studies: the right type of drainage, dimensioning, influence of the drainage on the surrounding area, etc.
- Advice about foundation technology: design and dimensioning of steel-based foundations, pile foundations, soil improvement, etc.
- Design and calculation of the reinforcements: we choose the best and most cost-efficient solution for you.

Do you have a question about the characteristics or the bearing capacity of the soil in your project area? Want to request a price quotation? Then contact BA Engineering!
Do you also need a soil investigation? Contact BA Engineering for a price quotation for drilling and probes.